Orphans and Widows in Christianity and Islam

Orphans and Widows in Christianity and Islam – Part 1

I was just reading an article that made me think about the differences in teachings related to orphans and widows in Christianity and Islam.  Both books talk about widows and orphans.  No real surprise there.  But the things they have to say are very different.  That should not have been a surprise, but it was.  At least, it was more of a surprise than I expected.  When we hear about something, like the Qur’an and Islam – and also read the actual Qur’an – it can be hard to remember what the actual book says versus what people claim about the book.  The same is true for anything.  We really need to pay attention to what’s real and what’s opinion.

Two very different translation of the same Qur'an passage

Two very different translations of the same Qur’an passage

I was doing some research on an article on “Orphans and Widows in Christianity and Islam” and found something interesting.  I was looking at nine translations of the Qur’an.  What I found was two very different translation of the same Qur’an passage.  I had started with two, but they were so strikingly different that I went to nine.  That first one still stuck out as being so very different. 

Submission in Christianity and Islam

Christianity and Islam both view submission as important.  This begs the question, do both religions have the same definition of submission?  Furthermore, do either, or both, of them use the same definition as the secular use of the word?  It’s important to know.  Otherwise, it’s like talking about fruit – but one person is talking about oranges and the other is talking about Japanese star anise.  The orange is good for our health, flavorful, and can be eaten raw or cooked.  However, the Japanese star anise (image below) fruit is highly toxic and its seeds are even used in animal poison. 

science or fable?

Science or Fable: Hills full of horses and chariots of fire

Hills full of horses, but only one man can see them. Chariots of fire, also seen by only one man.  And they aren’t burning up. Science or fable? Surely this is a fable. There can’t actually be such a thing. Can there? Or maybe it’s a miracle and science can give us a clue as to how that miracle could actually be real.

Separation of church and children in China

Separation of church and children in China

Separation of church and state is well known – but separation of church and children? I recently heard about how China was targeting children going to Christian schools.  Given that there’s an entire Article in the new religious regulations about schools, thought I missed something in the new law. But I didn’t.  

so that no one could vote unless he had the mark

So that no one could vote unless he had the mark

The title may sound familiar – so that no one could vote unless he had the mark – and yet also sound not quite right. Rev 13:17 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. Because it’s real. It’s happening.

china-christianity-islam-flag indicating China's Religious Affairs Regulations Article 1

China’s Religious Affairs Regulations Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of China’s Religious Affairs Regulations is about religious groups.  Well – it’s about some religious groups.  And depending on whose description you’re reading, it’s about protecting religious freedom – or it’s about restricting religious freedom.  The Chinese government claims it’s protecting the right to freedom of religion.  Pretty much everyone else says it’s about …

China’s Religious Affairs Regulations Chapter 2 Read More »

R rated movies

Are There More R Rated Movies Being Made?

Are There More R Rated Movies Being Made?  It sure seems like it.  There are so many commercials and ads for R Rated movies lately.  At first, I thought it was because more people are going to see them.  I mean, who would make movies that weren’t going to make a lot of money.  So I started looking into it.  What I found surprised me.

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