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How come Christians don’t know God?

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How come so many Christians don't really know God?

How come Christians don’t know God? That’s not a stupid question. In fact, it a very important question with a very disturbing answer. It’s all too easy for Christians to now know God! The headline shocked me. 51% of Churchgoers Don’t Know of the Great Commission, according to a Barna survey. I also found it very disappointing. Depressing even.

No wonder the path Jesus tells us about is so narrow. Even many of those who think they’re on it actually aren’t on it at all! They may not even be close!

The Great Commission and The End Times

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The Great Commission and The End Times - the end and the beginning?

The Great Commission and The End Times – Is the completion of one the beginning of the other? When the Great Commission has been fulfilled, will The End Times begin?  Are we actually working to bring about the events in Revelation when we spread the Gospel?  In a sense, even without tying the two together, every second that passes by is bringing us one second closer to The End Times.  It’s just a fact of time.  The question is one of whether there’s a Biblical link between the two.  

Let’s look at some passages and find out.
But first, before everyone gets too freaked out over the end, let’s look at the image I chose for this article.

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