china-christianity-islam-flag indicating China's Religious Affairs Regulations Article 1

China’s Religious Affairs Regulations Chapter 1

So, as much as I wrote about how awful these new religious regulations are in China, we must remember what the Chinese government cannot see.  The more the atheist government tries to suppress Christianity and prevent people from knowing God, the more those same people will reach out to God to rescue them.  And then, the greater the response God will have for both the rescue of those who call out to Him, and His wrath for the government that tried to keep the people from Him.


Nepal criminalizes religious conversion

In Nepal it’s now illegal to begin a discussion of one’s own religion and very likely that someone could be in violation simply by answering a question. … Of course, this begs the question for everyone – if we don’t have it already, when will this kind of thing be coming to our neighborhood?

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