Are we nearing The End Times?

Are we nearing The End Times? You know – the time foretold in the Bible when God pretty much decides He’s had enough and is going to bring this age to a close?

I’ve noticed that much of what’s on this site, although not intentional seems to be about that. So – I figure why not focus on that, and rearrange things to fit?

Never again will I destroy all living creatures.

Never again will I destroy all living creatures. Until …

Never again will I destroy all living creatures. That’s what God said. You know, back in Genesis, the first book in the Bible. Of course, that means He did destroy all living creatures once. However, let’s not forget what happens in Revelation, the last book in the Bible. God won’t destroy all living creatures. That doesn’t mean destruction isn’t coming though. Further, it says nothing of the earth itself. Is it time? Have we grieved God to the point where He’s finally going to end this fallen creation?

Where are the peacemakers? Who will speak for me?

Where are the peacemakers?

Jesus said, Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.  But where are the peacemakers?  In Isaiah, God asked who He should send, and one person said, Here I am! Send me!  Where is that person today?  Is there really no one willing to be God’s messenger today?  Are there really no sons of God left?  It appears that the answer to both is a resounding NO!  Jesus can ask, who will speak for me.  But no one’s answering.  Like an ostrich with its head in the sand, we can’t hear.

Why are you not burying him?

Why are you not burying him? Let the dead bury the dead!

Let the dead bury the dead.
Remember where we all came from.  Maybe not to the extent Trump is, but we all came from a life where anger and hatred were the norm.  Do we really want to go back there, now that we’ve learned about God’s kind of love?  Is it really worth potentially giving up our inheritance from God just to get this kind of person elected?  I don’t have children, but do you really want your children to have to grow up in a world where uncontrolled hatred and anger are the norm?

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