Will Christians want to carry guns in Heaven?

What do you think? Will Christians want to carry guns in Heaven? I kind of wonder, will some Christians want guns in Heaven, whether they carry them or not. But given the just announced Supreme Court decision making it harder to restrict the “right to carry” that’s allegedly in the U.S. Constitution, let’s stick with carrying guns in Heaven.

Will Christians want to carry guns in Heaven?

Maybe you noticed, there’s a cross on the holster in the adjacent image. I find that very odd. Very odd. Disturbing even.

This whole Christians supporting gun rights thing is disturbing. I just can’t see it. There’s nothing Jesus ever said or did that should lead to anyone who truly follows His teaching, the examples from His life, or anything like that, which would lead to where we are today with Christians and guns.

Why would Christians want to carry guns in Heaven?

That’s how I got to my question of whether Christians will want to carry guns in Heaven.

Why does anyone even need a gun in Heaven? Sure, here, we use the lie of self-defense. Maybe some people do carry one for self-defense. But I must ask, if guns weren’t so prevalent, would they be needed? I dare say, no.

I remember being over in London when the police didn’t carry guns. Only in certain situations were they even brought out. How could they do that? Because few people had guns. Over time, that’s changed.

But here, Americans love guns. And if I may be so blunt, I fear too many Christians love their guns more than they love the God of the Bible. Either that, or they just don’t care. The number of Christians who just automatically support right-wing political candidates that favor guns is astounding. As a Christian myself, I also find it embarrassing.

We read more and more about mass shootings increasing. Becoming more senseless/. Killing astounding numbers of people. And yet, this country, this Republican party with so many so-called Christians voting for them, can’t even do anything to stop the influx of assault style weapons, weapons made for fighting wars, into the hands of people who use them to kill other people. Where, in the Bible you all seem to be reading, is that OK? ‘Cause it’s not in mine!

The love of money

The Bible does not say that money is the root of all evil. But, it does say that money is the root of all sorts of evil. And true to form, money is at the heart of our gun problem.

Amazingly, it’s not money flowing into the hands of the people who actually own most of those guns though! The money is there. But it’s an elaborate scheme, winding its way down to us. Down to Christians even, who should know better.

The money obviously flows to the gun makers. And the people who own stock in those companies. But those are the relatively few rich people. Not the masses who buy the guns.

The money also flows from them into the gun lobby. Who toss money to the leaders in our government. You know, the ones who are supposed to watch out for us? But who are more interested in keeping their jobs and in getting as much out of “the system” as they can. Including the money from the gun lobby.

And so, they get us, rather, you gun people, all up in arms and tell you you need to buy more guns now before your right to own a gun is taken away. And you believe them, so you buy more guns. We now have more guns than people. What the heck are you gonna do with all those guns? Please, don’t insult me by saying they’re for self defense.

So now you’re all worked up, you have more reason than ever to vote for the Republican who will safeguard your God-given right to own a gun. Lots of guns. And to carry them in public. And to start shooting people in self defense. But I must ask. Which “god” gave you that right?

The Second Amendment

Have you ever read the second amendment? It does not – I repeat NOT – give private citizens the right to own guns for their own personal use. Here’s what it does say.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

How many of you law-abiding Christians are in a militia? Because that’s what this amendment was about. The right of people to own and keep guns because a militia was needed back in those days.

If anything, the second amendment doesn’t need to be preserved, protected, extended, or anything of the sort.

Instead, the second amendment should be abolished, and Christians should be right out there in front explaining how private citizens using guns to kill other private citizens is against God’s will.

Somehow, we have a version of Christianity that believes they should make abortion illegal, because it’s against God’s will. And yet, making sure the ability to murder people is protected, even though that’s against God’s will.

I think the truth is somewhere in between those two extremes. And yet, too many of today’s Christians, here in America, see nothing wrong is supporting both views at the same time.

Conclusion – will there be Christians in Heaven who want to carry a gun?

Notice, I changed the wording a bit from the title to this conclusion.

This way, I think I can just answer with one simple word. No. There won’t be Christians in Heaven who want to carry a gun, because Christians who love their almighty gun more than their Almighty God aren’t really Christian.

Image by gmsjs90 from Pixabay

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