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mix politics and religion - Was the U.S. never really a Christian country?

Was the U.S. never really a Christian country?

Christianity Today just asked a really interesting question – “Was the U.S. never really a “Christian country,” or was US Christianity corrupted by politics?” If you’ve read much of my stuff, you likely realize I say that with our entangling of religion and government, we’ve never been a truly Christian country. It’s just not possible when we mix politics and religion. Given my own stance, it will be interesting to see what CT has to say on this question.

What can Christians learn from political parties?

What can Christians learn from political parties?

As I said, Christians can learn a lot from political parties. Oftentimes, maybe what to do, but certainly not the way to do them.

After all, it doesn’t matter if Christians are taking a “Biblical” approach to an issue. And yes, I put “Biblical” in quotes for a reason. It’s because when our solution is to go to the government, and / or to act in a way that isn’t loving – it’s also not truly Biblical.

We turn people off. They reject our solutions. But even worse, they reject Jesus’ offer of salvation because we failed to act in a manner consistent with what Jesus taught.

Would Jesus ever pander to the base?

Would Jesus ever pander to the base?

Would Jesus ever pander to the base?  It’s a question that Christians really need to ask themselves.  And I mean really stand in from of the mirror – look yourself in the eye – and ask, “Do you believe that Jesus would ever pander to the base?” Then, if you’re a Trump supporter, ask yourself how you reconcile his words and actions with what Jesus taught. 

Last night, while more than 25 cities had riots raging over the police killing of George Floyd, the normally active Trump twitter account was largely silent.  There were but two Tweets – neither of which was helpful.  No calls for calm.  No words of hope.  Just lot’s of silence. 

Is that really the kind of person Jesus wants us to support?  Or does He actually want us to convert that kind of person to be more like Him? 

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