Expel the Immoral Brother!

my body my choice - or - your body my choice

My body my choice. Is it just a way to avoid being responsible?

My body my choice! It feels like it’s being used for lots of things these days. Not getting vaccinated. And by extension, not vaccinating kids. Getting an abortion. And by extension, in a similar manner, not having kids. Of course, there are arguments made on both sides of both issues. We’ll look at both. However, I want to add another dimension. Christianity. Why? Because it makes things much more clear. And, by extension, much more volatile.

Which god do you worship?

Which god do you worship and why do you love it/him/her?

Which god do you worship and why do you love it/him/her? There are many gods, and people worship them for various reasons. Ultimately, I believe salvation is at the root of why people worship various gods. However, at the same time, we need to know – salvation from what? Does our god of choice save us from a boring life? A life of poverty? Or does our god promise something beyond this existence we’re currently living?

baby - Reopening Schools - How Little Is A Life Worth?

Reopening Schools – How Little Is A Life Worth?

How little is a life worth?  Donald Trump, U.S. President, is trying to force schools to open in the fall.  This is in spite of the increasing number of people being infected with the Coronavirus.  And while one can maybe argue that the number of positive cases is due to testing, it’s impossible to say testing is responsible for the corresponding increases in hospitalizations and ICU beds with COVID-19 afflicted people.  And I dare say, with the increasing number of people that will be dying in the next week or so because of all those other increases. 

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