Which god do you worship?

Which god do you worship and why do you love it/him/her?

Which god do you worship and why do you love it/him/her? There are many gods, and people worship them for various reasons. Ultimately, I believe salvation is at the root of why people worship various gods. However, at the same time, we need to know – salvation from what? Does our god of choice save us from a boring life? A life of poverty? Or does our god promise something beyond this existence we’re currently living?

World's greatest teachers - Seven masters - one path

World’s greatest teachers. Seven masters – one path?

World’s greatest teachers.  Seven masters.  One path.  That’s amazing. The seven greatest teachers in the world all supposedly teaching the same thing.  All leading down the same path.  Awesome.  Unbelievable.  Well, actually, it really is unbelievable.  Maybe because it’s not true?

Yeah – Seven Masters, One Path.  It’s the title of a book that I got an email about today.

Interestingly, and I believe not by coincidence, I got another email today that was about one of those seven great teachers.  Well, actually, it was about all seven of them.

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