Is this Christianity?

Is COVID making us more loving? Or more hating?

Is COVID making us more loving? Or more hating?

Is COVID making us more loving? Or more hating?  That question came to mind yesterday.  I had a half hour inside an MRI tube with nothing to do, and this is where my mind went.  At first, I was thinking about the folks working so I can get my MRI to see how my cancer is doing.  They risk getting sick, and even maybe dying, to take care of us.  And most people would say they appreciate that. 

So COVID makes us more loving, right?  But does it really?  If we truly loved and cared about our medical workers, first responders, and even the admin people in hospitals and care centers, then we’d act differently.  We’d wear a mask in public.  We’d avoid large gatherings.  Why?  Because those things lead to fewer people being sick.  And that, in turn, leads to fewer people requiring medical care.  Obviously, or at least it should be obvious, all of those things lead to fewer medical people being exposed to COVID, getting sick, and possibly dying.

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