Joseph Reassures His Brothers

my body my choice - or - your body my choice

My body my choice. Is it just a way to avoid being responsible?

My body my choice! It feels like it’s being used for lots of things these days. Not getting vaccinated. And by extension, not vaccinating kids. Getting an abortion. And by extension, in a similar manner, not having kids. Of course, there are arguments made on both sides of both issues. We’ll look at both. However, I want to add another dimension. Christianity. Why? Because it makes things much more clear. And, by extension, much more volatile.

Should the ends justify the means with Donald Trump?

Should the ends justify the means with Donald Trump?

Do the ends justify the means with Donald Trump? … I’m asking that whenever we, as Christians, are in a situation where we don’t like something Jesus said, and we’re in danger of walking away from Him, that we remember that question. That we put ourselves in the place where Jesus is asking us that question.

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