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Chinese citizens have the freedom of religious belief

Citizens have freedom of religious belief?

Citizens have freedom of religious belief.  That’s the English translation of something from China’s Religious Affairs Regulations.  But is it really true? 

Remember, China is a Communist country.  And an officially atheist one as well.  We must be forgiven if we doubt those fine-sounding words.  Especially after reading part 1 of this series. 

Remember, Article 1 of these regulations included the text, “increase the level of legalification in work on religion” as one of the stated goals for putting them into law.  How does that even make sense? 

baby - Reopening Schools - How Little Is A Life Worth?

Reopening Schools – How Little Is A Life Worth?

How little is a life worth?  Donald Trump, U.S. President, is trying to force schools to open in the fall.  This is in spite of the increasing number of people being infected with the Coronavirus.  And while one can maybe argue that the number of positive cases is due to testing, it’s impossible to say testing is responsible for the corresponding increases in hospitalizations and ICU beds with COVID-19 afflicted people.  And I dare say, with the increasing number of people that will be dying in the next week or so because of all those other increases. 

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