Remember the Sabbath

Remember the Sabbath. Can we remember what we don’t really know?

Remember the Sabbath.  But what is the Sabbath?  I mean the capital “S” Sabbath, not the generic lower case “s” sabbath.  Where did it come from?  What is it for?  What should we do?  And what should we get out of it?
Remember the Sabbath. What if we don’t know what the Sabbath is about? Is there value in knowing the wrong thing? Can we remember what we don’t really know?

Those question stem from a book I’m reading.  This will be of the first of a number of quotes from it.  They appear to be from a Judeo-Christian point of view.  At least the words sound like it.  Some of them.  They put out as assumptions.  And then they lead the reader someplace.  To a conclusion.  However, does the conclusion stay within Christian teaching?  That’s the question we’ll examine here.