Why are you not burying him?

Why are you not burying him? Let the dead bury the dead!

Let the dead bury the dead.
Remember where we all came from.  Maybe not to the extent Trump is, but we all came from a life where anger and hatred were the norm.  Do we really want to go back there, now that we’ve learned about God’s kind of love?  Is it really worth potentially giving up our inheritance from God just to get this kind of person elected?  I don’t have children, but do you really want your children to have to grow up in a world where uncontrolled hatred and anger are the norm?

when churches will open

Don’t be misled. Trump shouldn’t decide when churches will open.

Trump shouldn’t decide when churches open!  You may have seen the headline from CNBC, or something like it: Trump slams governors, demands they open houses of worship ‘right now’.  But you know what?  It’s not up to the governors to decide when churches open either.  I’ve often argued that separation of church and state – if done correctly – is a good thing.  The government should not dictate religion.  If we learned anything from history, it should have been that many people came to “the new world” – eventually much of it to become the U.S. – to avoid the royal version of religion back in Europe.  But we haven’t really learned much, have we?

Who loves you? The Government or God?

Who loves you? The Government or God?

Who loves you? The government or God? Does that seem like a dumb question?  Honestly, it did to me.  As soon as I typed it and saw it on the screen.  It’s like, why do I even have to ask that question?  But I do.  It’s a question that apparently needs to be asked over and over again.

street sign - corner of religion and politics

Religion and Government – their impact on our salvation

Religion and Government – their impact on our salvation.  I wrote this about two and a half years ago.  It’s amazing how much things have changed in that short time.  It look at different forms of government, with different combinations of intertwining between government and religion. 

But now, here in the U.S., it’s getting really hard to tell which one we are anymore.  Less and less a democracy – and more and more a weird kind of theocracy / dictatorship combination.  It’s scary.  Not just for what its doing to our country, but also to our salvation.  Especially those who are pushing and supporting the strange and unBiblical alliances being set up here.

People eat more meat that isn't meat

People eat more meat that isn’t meat – a decade of changes

People eat more meat that isn’t meat

Nope – it’s definitely not meat.  But is it what you thought you were getting? 

And what does meat that isn’t meat have to do with Christianity?

Actually, quite a bit.  Paul, Peter and the author of Hebrews all wrote about it.I have to say, I’m not really surprised.  So much oil, genetically modified stuff and words too long to be anything other than highly processed “things”.  

Obsession with celebrities is strong

Obsession with celebrities is strong – a decade of changes

Obsession with celebrities is strong.  I’m not sure if this is really new or not.  247temp.com says it’s new in the last ten years.  I suspect what’s really new is that we have the ability to take the obsession to a whole new level.  Instead of having to wait for a news cycle like in years past, now it’s instant obsession.

thing about instant obsession is that it also increases the number of people who can now be counted as celebrities.

This obsession with celebrities thing isn’t really all that new. It goes all the way back to Biblical times.  I suppose even before that, but hey – this is a site about Christianity.

With that in mind, here’s one celebrity that people were obsessed with.

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