The Corporate god vs. The God of The Bible

Which do you worship – the corporate god, or The God of the Bible?  Before you answer, remember that “fear of The Lord” is, in some ways, worship – when “fear” is appropriately translated.  For more on that thought, please see The problem of “Fear of the Lord” on my other site. 

the corporate godIt seems like people look at corporations as either good or evil.  Either way, someone could “fear” the corporation. 

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One way, as in the appropriate use of “fear of The Lord” / “Fear the God of The Bible” – that would be when the corporation is viewed as good.  More than good.  Maybe the corporation is the answer to all our problems.

The other way is the exact opposite.  “Fear of the corporate god” in that sense – that would be when the corporation is the enemy.  Terminating jobs to return more profits.  Destroying the environment.  Essentially – the corporation is the cause of various (or all) of our problems.

But let’s get real here.  The image above is of an office building.  Home to one or more corporations.  But if you magnify that image, you’ll find people inside.  You can see them through the windows. 

The corporation isn’t a person any more than the church building is a person.  And Company XYZ isn’t good or evil and any more than any religion is good or evil.  Those are things.  They have rules.  And the results from those things and their rules might be viewed as good or evil – depends on the person.  

And there’s the key.  The person.  At the head of any corporation or religion – there are people.  A corporation is a legal entity.  It’s the people at the top who define what that corporation does.  The God of the Bible – He’s God. 

Religions that are set up in His name are done so by people. No matter how good – or bad – their intentions are, that doesn’t change God.  But with the corporation, it is the people at the top who make that corporation good or bad.  

So – what this really comes down to – or at least should come down to – is a question of whether we want our God to be God, or people.

All these thoughts and more will be part of this series.

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